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Takumi Ota
Adidas Original

Social lounge of adidas Originals Flagship Store Tokyo

adidas Originals × Yusuke Seki

This project follows a commission from adidas to remodel the footwear try-on area and social lounge space of the adidas Originals Flagship Store in Harajuku, Tokyo. To highlight the collaborative nature of the effort, the project was named “adidas Originals Flagship Store Tokyo Dovetails with Yusuke Seki.” In response to the client’s wish to create a space reflecting the unique history and culture of Tokyo, Yusuke Seki proposed an arrangement of couches made of asphalt blocks. In placing some of these blocks on rugs, the design plays with the juxtaposition of interior and exterior materials.


There are two reasons for this choice of materials. First: asphalt, or the street surface, is the one material that sneakers are in almost constant contact with, and was thus considered appropriate for a sneaker lounge. Second: asphalt plays a particularly large role in the urban life of Tokyo. In contrast with cities in Europe or North America, where there is often a strict separation between sidewalk (for pedestrians) and asphalt (for vehicles), in Tokyo the relatively few sidewalks means that people spend most of their time on asphalt, sharing the space with other uses. Moreover, lacking living space, many Tokyoites keep personal items such as plants and furniture out on the street – asphalt, in effect, is an extension of the living room. This resonates with the function of the sneaker lounge as a space for relaxing and interacting.


Yusuke Seki


Yusuke Seki are Japan based Design team.

Their approach to design challenges is to conceptualise and revaluate into irreplaceable design with new interpretations. His designs embrace simplicity and minimalism at first glance and his inspiration comes directly from aspects which already exist within the context: such as materials, location, histories; all gathered and represented through the formal design approach. The function is essential in his design but through his work he focuses on facts and phenomena from the environment, including the essential design methods from the past, passed through to the future.


The Great Indoors Award 2015

The American Architecture Prize 2016 Platinum Award

The German Design Award 2017


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