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October, 2014
Kenta Hasegawa
Avex Group Holdings Inc.
Tokyo, Japan

Majotae Exhibition

Hempen textile 10,000 year-old tradition reimagined for today.

In this exhibition, Tokyo-based brand, majote explores the tradition of Hempen culture through their latest hemp-fabric brand “Taima-fu”. Designer Yusuke Seki proposes an exhibition reflecting the historical rituals and interpreted textiles for the modern day.


To explore the lightness, softness, delicate thinness, the fabric pieces have been held at together a random.  Visitors are invited to interact with the display, so the details of the piece can require more attention. As part of the creative process, the white accent from  the ancient robe “Shirotae” has been integral to showcase the fabrics from majotoe:  quietly floating and natural lighting.  Both these qualities are found in the historical hemp textile, as well as majotae’s approach, as well as Seki’s inspiration from the white wheat field.


The exhibition entrance introduces the cultural and historical context of hempen textile from the Jomon period (~12,000 B.C.), as the remaining exhibition showcases approach to hempen textile from Majotae. This is a fabric brand with an innovative approach to the lost tradition of Hempen culture.  Cannabis is known to be an integral part of Japnaese culture, as it has been traditionally applied not only in fabric but in agriculture and farming, integrated in religious ceremonies in the Shinto region.  Cannabis was banned after World War II, and this industry is the use of Hemp (Asatae) is only resticted for the votive at the Ise Grand Shrine.

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Yusuke Seki


Yusuke Seki are Japan based Design team.

Their approach to design challenges is to conceptualise and revaluate into irreplaceable design with new interpretations. His designs embrace simplicity and minimalism at first glance and his inspiration comes directly from aspects which already exist within the context: such as materials, location, histories; all gathered and represented through the formal design approach. The function is essential in his design but through his work he focuses on facts and phenomena from the environment, including the essential design methods from the past, passed through to the future.


The Great Indoors Award 2015

The American Architecture Prize 2016 Platinum Award

The German Design Award 2017


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